Maret 22, 2010

ordinary girl with ordinary life

I am a girl
Just an ordinary girl
Who can fall in love
Who can get hurt
Who can roll down the tears
Who can smile
I am a girl
Just an ordinary girl
Who try to live an ordinary life
But everything change to extraordinary at the moment u appear
U made my life extraordinary
U taught me lots of things
U taught me how to face this crue...l world
And i dont know since when started
I started to depends on u
U are always the first to appear in my mind when i am unhappy
U are always the first to cheer me up
U are always there when i need u
But now u left my world
And make me back to my old life
Where i belong to
I am just a girl
An ordinary girl
Living an ordinary life
Without u who make it extraordinary

someone in heaven

U told me its time to say goodbye
And i just roll down my first tears
And u wipe it off
Telling me to stay happy
Even u are not the reason behind my happiness
U told me that u will never l
eave me
And u promise once i still love u
U will always be with me
But now where is your promise
Do u know that i still love u
U told me not t...o cry
So that u can see my smile for the last time
I started to hate this reality
That u have to leave me forever
But i know i cant do anything
U requested me to tell u that i dont love u anymore
So that u can leave with peace
Leave the world that i am inside
But how can i say that
When i still truely deeply in love with u
But i know i have to say it
For u someone who i love
And at the last moment
Right before u give ur last breath
I bend down my body
And kiss ur lips for the last time
And whispered in ur ears and tell u that
I dont love u anymore
I can see ur smile on ur charming face
For the last time before the white cloths close ur face
And i know that u left my world
Not for a day a week or a month
But forever

sky, ocean and wind

Skies are big
Oceans are deep
Wind are strong
And so do my love
My love is bigger than sky
Deeper than the oceans
Stronger than the wind
And itz all because i am in love with u
No one else can make my love so amazing
Only u someone who is so special
U never know how special u are to me
Maybe u are just a bastard in other's eyes
Ma...ybe u are just a jerk in other's mouths
But u are the most charming prince for me
No one can ever replace u in my heart
And right now
I wanna asked the wind to bring my message to u
Telling u that i miss u so much
Asked the sky to give u my hug
And asked the ocean to show u how deep is my love

someone new

I gave him my heart
He gave it away
And now i am a soul without a heart
But now i am filled again
With someone else's heart
And now some feeling came again
It makes my heart beats so fast
Makes me smile all the time
Just so happy and so excited
And this mind started to think of other one
And that one is no more him
And i once ag...ain alive
Living in another colourful life
Without him who gave my heart away
But with someone who give his heart to me

good friend to lover

We are good friends
We hang out often
We chat and joke often
Without me knowing
He is in love with me
Being with him makes me happy
I laughed and smile often
I started to get jealous when I see him with other girl
And I realize that
I like him too
He is tall and I am short
He is cute and I am ugly
He is rich and I am poor
But this ...all doesnt matter
When love come
Everything will put aside
He propose and I accepted
With all the penguins as the witnesses
In the middle of the sea
With the wind blowing hard
And the sky giving sign
That he is the one for me
We started this love path
And hand in hand we will be together
To go through every problems
And we smile to each other
And with the pigeons as witnesses
Lips to lips stick together
And that is when and where
We started our journey

Maret 18, 2010

a silly girl

I am a silly girl
To stay with u even i know we dont have future
I stayed right here whenever u need me
I am always there for u
I never care how much u hurt me
I never care how many times this tears flow
All i know is ur happiness
As long as u are happy
And everything is fine with me
I dont mind that u have another girl beside... u
I dont care how much u love her
As log as i can stay beside u
Then everything is fine with me
I know i am just a silly girl
To stay with u even u dont care about me
I just want to see ur smile
And everything is fine with me

do u ever know

If there is one reason that can keep my smile
That one reason is u
Do u ever know the truth that u are always the reason behind my smile?
Do u know that i always smile when i think of u?
Do u know that only u can make my world go upside down?
Do u know that u are the rainbow of my life?
I hope one day u will know all this tr...uth
That i actually write all this things while thinking of u
And hope u know that
I am the only one
The only girl
Who love u truely
With all my heart
And all my soul
Forever and ever